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Jointly Appointed Instructor

  • (Retiree)/Chair Professor
  • Fish Biodiversity, Biodiversity Informatics
  • Cell phone:886-932152991
  • E-mail:zoskt@gate.sinica.edu.tw
  • Unit:Biodiversity Research Center,Academic Sinica
  • Division Director/Associate Research Fellow
  • Crustacean physiology and endocrinology,Fish reproduction and aquaculture,Captive rearing of the deep-sea animals
  • Tel: 02-24696000 ext 8010
  • EMail:stw@mail.nmmst.gov.tw
  • Unit:National Museum of Marine Science &Technology
  • Acting Director /Research Fellow
  • Marine Ecology, Larval Biology, Coral reef symbiosis, Barnacle biology and taxonomy
  • Tel:02-27872232
  • E-mail: chankk@gate.sinica.edu.tw
  • Unit:Biodiversity Research Center,Academic Sinica