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Doctoral Programs

Graduation Threshold for Doctoral Degree:

(1) Elective courses must be taken at least 14 credits. And 16 credits of required  courses.

(2) A total of 4 credits for the” Institute Seminar” course. 2 credits each for the first

   year of the doctoral degree and the second year of the doctoral degree

  1. Doctoral degree’s third year and above need to choose “Graduation Thesis” course. The number of credits and grades on the transcript will appear after the doctoral degree exam is completed. (A total of 12 credits. 6 credits in each semester)
  2. You can browse the following websites to register and understand for the “Academic Research Ethics” course.



  1. Foreign students are required to take 6 credits of the “language and culture courses”. You can browse the Mandarin Learning and Education Center’s websites to know about the relevant situation of the course.


  1. The following links are the relevant regulations for the doctoral degree.



  1. According to the regulations of NTOU, the duration of study for doctoral students is 7 years. You can apply to extend your study period for up to 2 years during your study time. You can take temporary leave up to 4 semesters during your study time.