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The Institute of Marine Biology [IMB] was established in August, 1991 and has 10 faculty staff specializing in complementary areas of marine taxonomy and ecology. Goals of the Institute include high level marine biology training for students, strengthening Taiwan’s basic research, and assisting the government with the task of efficient use and protection of marine resources.


Our goals

● to educate and train our students to a high-level of proficiency in marine biology. 

● to strengthen basic research to promote our country’s scientific standing. 

● to combine theory and practical application to ensure the wise use and sustainable of marine biological resources.

● to support NTOU through teaching, intra-institute collaboration and university-wide service.



Although Taiwan is surrounded by biologically rich ocean and our use of the ocean's biological resources is heavy, we still have only preliminary knowledge of the dynamics of Taiwan's marine systems. This knowledge is an essential prerequisite to establishing appropriate conservation and management measures. We are now facing two immediate dangers. Species biodiversity is being reduced, and our resources exhausted.

This Institute was established to facilitate Taiwan's increasing ability to meet these challenges, especially by building up the numbers of highly trained professionals capable of dealing with issues of marine taxonomy, ecology, life history, evolutionary relationships, resource assessment, and conservation. A better knowledge will lead to better decisions that promote more informed and wiser use of the marine environment.


Research Focus

Marine Plankton Ecology, Microbiology, Crustacean Biology, Ichthyology,  Molecular Evolution, Cell Biology, Phycology, Mycology, and Virology.



The IMB raises the level of marine biology expertise in Taiwan and promotes development in the field of marine biology. We have continuously focused on developing and maintaining a strong base in taxonomy and ecology to support a wide range of applications including industry, fisheries, natural products chemistry, pollution remediation, conservation, and resource management. Our faculty represent a wide range of taxonomic specialties and research expertise. We are currently working toward increasingly international visibility through our research, training, and teaching activities. We actively promote collaboration with institutions and individuals (including graduate students) both in Taiwan and abroad.